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#1 “Rants and Mumbles”

A conversation with the producers of this podcast: Noah “Nugseed” Sugarman and Keith B. Axon.

Topics: health, politics, mushrooms, dreams, death, and other nonsense.


#2 “Focus and”

Another varied conversation with Noah and Keith.

Topics: more mushroom stories, politics, grade school oppression, and foosball






#3 “Luke Axon”

Brother, friend, and keyboardist for GTS, joins us in conversation.

Topics: frequencies and music, mushroom trips, and circles within circles




    Music Videos

    #4 “The Prairie Scholars”

    Songwriting duet and our friends, Andy and Jessica Eppler join us in conversation.

    Topics: Religion, Batman, Music, Politics, and Psychedelic Experience


    The Prairie Scholars

    Music and More


    #5 “Hemp, Marijuana, and Cannabis”

      Noah and Keith share a relatively focused discussion about one of our favorite things.

      Topics: hemp, marijuana, cannabis, oppression, and questioning everything.



      #6 “Greth Ligon”

      Artist, Composer, and our good friend Greth Ligon joins us, tellin stories and talkin shit.

      Topics: Old friends, Music and Music Business, Comedy, Serial Killers, Movies, and More


      Greth’s Music and Art


      #7 “Josh “Chopper” Mahler”

      Josh “Chopper” Mahler, who we lovingly remember as the “Shop Guy”, joins us for a round of conversation and reminiscence.

      Topics: Enthusiastic Sobriety Programs, Colorado Weed, Creativity, Leaving Sobriety



      #8 “David Mesenbrink”

      Mystic, practitioner of eastern medicine, and all-around good buddy David Mesinbrink joins us in conversation.

      Topics: Energy, Medicine, Love and the Ever Present Moment



      #9 “Thomas Keough”

      Probably our first fan and one of our favorite peoples, Tom Keough joins us in conversation.

      Topics: GtS, Drugs, Dreams, Brain trauma, Drugs, Fur panties, Drugs


      #10 “Just Us – Diligent Enslavement”

      Noah Sugarman and Keith Axon share a conversation, w/ Luke Axon on the Google/CoC machine.

      Topics: Diligent Enslavement, Superiority Complexes, Pets, CoD BO Zombies


      #11 “Mike Kittle”

      Friend and adventurer Mike Kittle joins us in conversation.

      Topics: On the River, Adventure, Individual Choice, and Death